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Welcome To Tommy

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Since 1955, St Thomas More College has been the home away from home for thousands of students at the University of Western Australia. 'Tommy More' College is just across the road from the main University campus and provides a range of student accommodation. The recent construction program has increased our capacity to 400 residents and has greatly enhanced the facilities that are available. Our exciting developments open up opportunities for many more students to experience residential college living and learning at Tommy. We have a proud Catholic heritage but the Tommy students are warmly welcomed from all faith and national backgrounds. Our international students love to experience UWA and Australia as residents of Tommy but they enormously enrich the outlook of our local students in the process.

For the younger student, the College is set up to help make your transition from school to university life as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible. It's not just student accommodation - think of it as your home away from home. In fact, in some ways, it's better than home! We cook all your meals, clean your room, help you with your studies - we do everything we can so all you have to worry about is your studies - and having a great time. For the more experienced student, the College offers accommodation that is sympathetic to your evolving needs. If you would like to know more specific details please check out our Prospective Students Information Package.


Priya Darshine

Priya Darshine

Tommy More is where I feel I don't miss home. I can definitely say whole heartedly that this is my second home surrounded by amazing friends like family and great support given by the committee and RAs and also Janniene who works at the reception.

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Jay McLean

Jay McLean

I really enjoy living at Tommy More for a number of reasons. It is such a supportive environment to be in and everyone is so welcoming and friendly. It is also close to uni; what more could you ask for?

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Blake Tonkin-Sloan

Blake Tonkin-Sloan

Tommy More provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere encouraging a positive balance between studies and the social aspect of a college. Transitioning from school and living at home could not have been easier

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Casey Sweeney

Casey Sweeney

Life at Tommy has been the perfect transition from attending a regional high school to university in Perth. Whether it’s as simple as having meals cooked for you, knowing academic support is available..

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